Do you guarantee results?

No law firm can guarantee an outcome in court or in a transaction. We offer to provide our best advise and legal services to aid you in making better decisions.

How much do you charge?

Generally, our rates are $300.00 per hour for the work Claire and Larry do. In many situations, we are able to offer reduced hourly rates or flat rates - making our services more affordable and predictable. Our clients reimburse us for out-of-pocket costs like case filing fees, title searches, and recording fees within a month of our invoicing for them.

Do give free consultations?

We will speak with you to evaluate your problem or need enough to know whether we can help and the amount and type of effort required. At that point, you decide based on our feedback whether to hire us - only then would you begin to incurr fees. We enjoy what we do and could talk to you all day about your problem and our knowledge - but our time is valuable to existing clients too!